Oracle Openworld

  1. Leveraging Oracle WebCenter Suite’s Security Framework to Build a Secure Portal, Oracle OpenWorld Conference, 2011
  2. Securing your Oracle WebCenter Portal, Oracle OpenWorld Conference, 2010
  3. Oracle WebCenter Spaces: Enterprise 2.0 in Action, Oracle OpenWorld Conferece, 2009
  4. Web 2.0 in the Enterprise: Balancing Participation and Security, Oracle OpenWorld Conference, 2008
  5. Oracle Application Unlimited and Web 2.0: You can have it now!, Oracle OpenWorld Conference, 2008


  1. Oracle WebCenter Spaces, Collaborate Conference, 2010
  2. Build an Enterprise 2.0 Social Network with Oracle WebCenter Suite, Collaborate Conference, 2009
  3. Building Next-Generation User Interfaces for Composite Applications, Collaborate Conference, 2008


  1. Enterprise Application Entitlement Management using Topic Maps, JavaOne Conference, 2005
  2. Designing Entitlements Frameworks for Enterprise Portals, JavaOne Conference 2003

BEA eWorld

  1. Placing Entitlements on BEA WebLogic Portal resources, BEA eWorld Conference 2003
  2. BEA WebLogic Portal Entitlements, BEA eWorld Conference 2003

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