Pre-built Virtual Machine for Oracle WebCenter Spaces (PS3)

If you missed the announcement, here is the link to the new Virtual Machine that is now available on OTN.  Please refer to the “Setup Instructions” on how to download Oracle VM VirtualBox, download the bits, and start the VM.

This VM consists of a sample that highlights an intranet site (“AviTrust Employee Portal”) built using Spaces.  Once your VM is up, go to http://host:port/webcenter/spaces/avitrust, log in, and check out the various customizations including new page template (using flyout menus), skin, and custom language taskflow.   There are some nice patterns on how you can model a portal site with collaboration features using WebCenter Spaces.


ps: Post your questions to this forum if you have any issues.


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  1. Hi Manish,

    Is the avitrust sample (JDev workspace) available for download outside of the VirtualBox image? I would like to avoid download GBs of files just to get at the sample 🙂

    • We have had to pull the VM off from OTN due to some legal issues. We will make that and the artifacts available as soon as possible.

  2. Hello – I was wondering if you had any update on this particular topic? Any idea when we can have the VM image?

  3. HI manish, have you any news for the pre-built virtual machine for webcenter spaces PS3 ? the link is still not available

  4. when could we have a new prebuild version of webcenter spaces PS3 ? the link is still unavailable

    • There are some legal issues because of which will not be able to release it on OTN. We, can however, help you to set one if you contact me offline.

  5. There is a vm for webcenter portal that includes jdeveloper. It would be great if there were simple instructions (or better yet some script) on how to setup spaces on this VM. Or if this VM could be used for setting up spaces on it and that file could be posted….

  6. I’m taking my first steps in WebCenter these days.
    I would like to know what are “Out of the box” capabilities, especially in Web 2.0 components )WIKI, Blogs, Tags, Forums ,My Profile, etc.).
    Have you ever implemented or supported a firm/company WebCenter platform focusing on social media networking?



  7. Everyone wants the Spaces VM back..
    Who cares about the striped down Portal VM.. . . 🙂

    Tell oracle to bring it back in the next vm release

  8. I followed these instructions to extend the Portal VM to include Spaces.

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