Extending WebCenter Spaces Using JDeveloper

In addition to being able to customize WebCenter Spaces using the browser-based tools, you can now also customize and “extend” WebCenter Spaces in many ways in JDeveloper.  You can take a resource like a Page Template, modify it using JDeveloper, and directly upload it with one-click from within JDeveloper.  This is really helpful if you want to develop these resources in an iterative way.

Here are quick links to the relevant document and supporting JDeveloper Workspace from “Oracle WebCenter Suite White Papers and Technical Notes” OTN page.

Bullet Extending WebCenter Spaces Using JDeveloper ( | Supporting Files (3 MB) February 2011

In addition to this, WebCenter Spaces platform continues to support the mechanism of “extending” OOTB spaces by adding custom code, custom taskflow, and so on via deploying custom shared libraries.   You can access the newly release white paper and supporting sample JDeveloper workspace on the same page.  Here are the quick links.

Bullet Using WebCenter Spaces Extension Samples ( | Supporting Files (24 MB) February 2011

WebCenter Spaces PS3 includes a standard shared library – “extend.spaces.webapp.war”. This .WAR file includes a deployment descriptor (weblogic.xml) which can reference one or more library references that contain WebCenter Spaces customizations. This development model provides an easy way to utilize additional shared libraries in WebCenter Spaces from multiple contributors, including developers, customers, and partners.



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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Bob Rhubart, Dmitriy Khomitskiy. Dmitriy Khomitskiy said: [Oracle] Blog: Extending WebCenter Spaces Using JDeveloper: Manish Devgan shares the details on how you can now cu… http://ow.ly/3U3OT […]

  2. Resource what i need for the ps3. Thank you very much.

  3. Manisn, very useful link. I found many stuffs which I required quickly to start customization.
    Is this supporting file (24Mb) for PS3?

  4. I am not sure if it is just me or other s are facing this issue.

    I did all the steps mentioned including the page 49-8. But from 49-9, to “Building and Deploying the Shared Library List
    (extend.spaces.webapp.war)”, it says to open the DesignWebcenterSpaces.jws file and the screen-shot shows a whole new Application structure that it did not have before. I dont see the SpacesExtensionLibrary or the SpacesResources projects. Did I miss any points in the middle?

    I am stuck at this stage.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks 🙂

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