Customizing WebCenter Spaces’ System pages

One of the themes for the new WebCenter Spaces platform in PS3 has been to empower the users to brand, customize, and tailor the application to their needs.   One such feature is “System Page customization”.

System pages are essentially the “seeded” or “pre-configured” pages of WebCenter Spaces.  These pages can be customized to apply your company brand, inject additional functionality, etc.  The system page Task Flow Edit provides an environment for customizing all instances of a seeded task flow in a given scope in one operation.  These customizations can be applied at different levels or “scopes” – e.g. at the whole application level or at a given space level.

If you login as an administrator and click on “Administration>Pages>System Pages”, you will see a list of system pages for the application.  Customizing these will customize the pages at an application-level.   However, you can customize the system pages at a space-level by going to “Manage>All Settings>Pages>System Pages”.

Clicking on “Customize” will launch the page in composer, where you can traverse the UI element you want to customize.

You can also drill down on a Taskflow on the page and start customizing it in runtime.

Here is a snapshot of the “My Profile” system page I customized using this technique.

For more detailed information, please refer to “Working with System Pages” in WebCenter’s User Guide.


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  1. Hi.
    Is there a way to change default theme/skin for system pages? I can’t find it anywere.

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